Glass cleaning equipments

TTS, as janitorial equipment supplier, has a great variety of cleaning systems, designed and manufactured in Italy

Glass and mirror cleaning is a very difficult and important operation in any kind of areas . TTS has developed several lines of glass cleaning equipments, for different situations and for all needs.
Clean Glass, the latest innovation, is the ideal system to complete your best glass cleaning equipments: comfort and innovation... in one single movement!
Clean Glass revolutionizes the cleaning of surfaces if compared with traditional glass cleaning equipments: it cleans and dries at once, reducing 70% of the traditional costs. Ideal for all washable surfaces: glasses, mirrors, stainless steel, ceramics, laminate, photovoltaic panels.
Flat plastic frame: lightweight and ergonomic for quick & easy cleaning. The microfiber cloth removes smudges, dust and dirt with excellent cleaning results. Use damp with spray cleaning.
Glass cleaning equipments have always been complicate. Today with CLEAN GLASS they are no longer so!

TTS presents glass cleaning: equipments comfort and innovation