Green cleaning system

In our catalog you will find a wide assortment of green cleaning system

We cannot reach our targets of “cleanliness” and “wellness” without a responsible and active attention towards environmental impact and protection. This commitment goes through the entire production chain and in particular within the R&D Centre, we pay attention that all projects comply with the values of environmental sustainability creating green cleaning systems. We have always complied with REACH regulations and our efforts to pay attention to sustainability during the production chain has been acknowledged by the ISO 14001 certification.
Our effort to produce green cleaning system is constant year after year, our last achievement is the acknowledgment of the certification Plastic Second Life, thus using regenerated polymers in our plastic products during production.
Thanks to many distribution centres we can be nearer to our customers, we can guarantee a prompt delivery service that makes a better load displacement and in turn reduces our environmental impact.
Since 2011 we have reduced our CO2 emission by 160 tons, through the installation of a new photovoltaic plant that allow us to satisfy our electric requirements at 100% from “clean energy”.

Last but not least we make our customers directly responsible towards the environmental protection, because using our green cleaning products they reduce their daily water consumption and consequently the dispersion of chemical products in the environment.

In our catalog you will find a wide assortment of microfiber cleaning system mops for all kind of floors