Paper towel dispenser for all pourposes

TTS System presents its dispenser cleaning supplies, dispensers and more for public places and workplaces

Market research shows that many people prefer paper towels to dry your hands. TTS offers you two different paper towel dispensers: a folded paper towel dispenser and distributor of a continuous roll of paper towels.

In our catalog you will find a wide range of distributors of paper for hand drying in public places. Dispenser wall or countertop, stainless steel or ABS, in various sizes and capacities, with distribution of paper in rolls or sheets folded to CZ V. All products are high-quality materials, robust, vandal resistant, practical, modern design, excellent value for money.

These distributors practical, lightweight and durable, thanks to their small footprint for easy placement can be found anywhere.

We offer cost effective, quality hygiene products paper towel dispensers. Our products can be found across educational and hospitality industries as well as many workplaces. As a socially, economically and environmentally responsible toilet tissue and paper towel distributor and supplier, our products are recognised as being the perfect choice by all of our customers.

See our wide range of paper towels dispenser.

TTS presents its paper towels dispenser cleaning supplies, paper products, dispensers and more for public places and workplaces