The importance of procedures against increasingly sophisticated threats


There are particularly delicate environments where the bacterial load is a crucial node that requires effective procedures and advanced cleaning systems to reduce the risk of virus spread.

contaminazione crociataThere are particularly delicate environments where the bacterial load is a crucial node that requires effective procedures and advanced cleaning systems to reduce the risk of virus spread.

Ebola, H1N1, Coronavirus, the names, geography and size of the threat change but the weapons at our disposal remain the same: isolation and quarantine are the only protection barriers that prevent viruses from spreading.

Hygiene and cleaning are essential in these situations: only clear and perfect procedures allow the quarantine to be truly effective.

The control of cross-contamination, i.e. the spread of bacterial loads, is the result of multiple actions and cleaning techniques that become easier if accompanied by the right equipment.

Therefore, TTS continues to develop professional systems designed according to the specific needs of healthcare environments, where cleanliness is not a choice but a necessity for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals.


Hygiene starts with the hands

The hands are the first transmission vehicle for germs, so it is essential that they are always clean and hygienic: for this reason, TTS multi-purpose trolleys can be equipped with hand disinfectants, making them immediately available when needed.

It is also important to prevent hands from getting in contact with dirt, therefore it is important to choose touch-free floor washing systems that allow you to remove cloths and mops without touching the dirty fibres.

TTS offers touch-free frames for flaps, pockets and reversible flat mops: the innovative Uni System, Blik and Trilogy frames allow the used mop to be quickly released using a special pressure mechanism that prevents direct contact with dirt, thus guaranteeing maximum hygiene in any cleaning procedure.


Four keys to cross-contamination control

We have four weapons available to reduce the risk of cross-contamination: clean mops, active principles, microfibre and colour coding.

Using clean mops for each new area is essential to avoid the spread of germs from one room to another. In addition, the transport and storage of wet mops creates an environment in which bacteria can grow, which can be avoided by using only dry mops, soaked shortly before use.

Dosely makes these good practices simple and immediate: the soaking station on the trolley makes it possible to prepare mops on demand, making it easy to increase hygiene standards.

The cleaning solution is contained in a hermetic tank that preserves the active principles, moreover, by soaking the mops just before their use, the detergents are used at their maximum germicidal capacity. Dosely allows maximum flexibility: the dosage can be adjusted from 50 to 350 ml, guaranteeing optimal saturation for each type of mop and surface area.

It is recommended to combine Dosely with microfibre mops to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency: the mechanical action that characterizes these particular fibres allows to remove up to 95% of the bacteria present on the surface, reducing the quantity and aggressiveness of the chemical necessary to ensure hygiene and consequently the risk of creating resistant bacteria.

TTS offers a wide range of high quality microfibresdesigned to adequately meet the needs of the different surfaces.

Finally, identifying risk areas according to a colour code that binds all the equipment intended for each area greatly reduces the risk of human error and makes material handling and laundry procedures quick and easy: this is why TTS offers the colour-coded option on all products, from handles to mops.


The safety of disposable mops

panni monousoEvery viral threat requires specific chemical agents to be eradicated: TTS disposable mops can be combined with any active ingredient that health departments may consider most suitable, ensuring maximum efficiency and high performance.

The disposable mops are designed to offer a large floor coverage, they are also available in microfibre to ensure complete dirt removal.




Unfortunately, it is a very complex issue to limit the spread of viruses, so it is important not to neglect any aspect and use professional equipment that can ensure maximum hygiene, minimizing the risk of misuse and human error.