Hygiene in catering

Hygiene in catering industries

Hygiene is a crucial issue in every context related to catering like hotels, bar, canteens and food industries: in all these delicate environments, it is fundamental to choose proper cleaning equipment.

In fact, the combined action of effective cleaning techniques and professional systems allows ensuring healthy environments, protecting the health of customers, staff and collaborators.

The TTS R&D department has always been committed to creating highly effective and efficient solutions: products and systems realized simplify and speed up the cleaning procedure while providing the highest control in preventing bacteria spreading.

Solutions for any cleaning need

TTS is constantly engaged in the design of solutions for professional cleaning, characterized by a user-oriented design and made in Italy with the highest quality materials. The wide range of food safe (HACCP) products designed to be used in the catering industry includes bins and bag holders for waste collection and the functional floor squeegee with scraper. The industrial brushes and brooms with PBT bristles, the double bucket and the Shelf trolleys line enhance this range for catering industries.