Soaking on demand


Dosely is the innovative soaking station allowing to soak single mops on demand, with considerable savings in time and costs

Wash & Go

...dose and go!


EASY to use and to keep

AS BY LAW ENACTED, chemical solution is closed

SAFE FOR ALL USERS, provided with safety key


MODULAR and so versatile

UNIVERSAL, for Magic Line and TTS Systems (Trilogy - Uni System - Wet Disinfection - Velcro)

How to use

Let’s hear from one of our experts

Dosely changes deeply floor cleaning, watch the video  with our expert Alessandro Costantini to find out more.

  • Flexible: it allows the adjustment of the mop saturation, according to the specific cleaning task
  • Efficient: the cleaning solution is safe inside a hermetic tank that preserves its active principles
  • Safe: equipped with safety key to adjust the dosage and remove the tank
Alessandro Costantini
TTS Export Sales Manager

Duration: 05:00

How it works

KEY Removable to lock the tank in the trolley

KEY Removable to block control ring

LEVER to start soaking with security lock

Placing MOP for pre-soaking

Technical information

tanica estraibile

Capacity 6 L - Removable
With key to lock the cap

etichetta tanica

LABEL for the name of the cleaning solution in use

chiave bloccaggio tanica

KEY Removable to lock the tank in the trolley

leva di dosaggio

LEVER to start soaking with security lock

chiave regolazione dosaggio

KEY Removable to block control ring

ghiera dosely

CONTROL RING easy to use in order to dose the precise amount: 50 350 ml