Waste reduction

Cost-efficient cleaning: an economic,environmental and welfare goal for the operators

Professionalism and efficiency in cleaning operations means elimination of waste of:

  • water
  • cleaning solution
  • operator’s time
  • operator's energy

These optimizations lead to considerable advantages, first and foremost for operators who will perform their tasks quickly and without fatigue, improving their well-being and consequently also their propensity to work.

The saving of water and detergent leads to a reduction in the environmental impact of cleaning operations that are often very impacting the ecosystem.

Finally, these optimizations have a significant impact on the spending budget of the operations that, for example, can also be reduced by 70%, changing from a wringer to soaking on demand.

Practical advice on how to effectively solve waste problems

Each cleaning operation offers some room for improvement; there are several solutions to reduce wastes according to the kind of environment and the type of dirt to clean.