Infinitely ergonomic


Reduces strain, increases productivity


Infinity is the unique ergonomic system composed by a telescopic handle with twisting grip and frame with joint, designed to facilitate the “∞” movement and the professional floor cleaning operations

Clean & Go

Infinity Pro

ambiente infinity
manico rotazione

The 360° rotation of the upper and central handle ensures maximum ergonomics

blocco impugnatura

The handle locks with a click, allowing you to rest the tool safely


The joint facilitates the "∞" movement reducing training time

spazi ristretti

It allows easy cleaning even difficult to access areas


Traditional method

It requires stressed movements of knees,
shoulders and wrist

Infinity System

It reduces wrist movements by 75%
and has a positive influence on posture

Positive effects on wrist

The operator doesn't have to use any force: he just needs to accompany the movement,
without having to tighten the handle