Strain problems

Preventing strain thanks to ergonomics

Designing ergonomic and easy-to-use systems means safeguarding the health and wellbeing of operators, whose protection must be a priority for professional cleaning.

Providing operators with user-friendly cleaning equipemnt brings significant benefits on several fronts: first, they reduce fatigue and consequently reduce the risk of accidents and occupational diseases.

It improves the wellbeing and satisfaction of the operators, increasing their productivity.

Finally, improving the quality of work, reducing occupational disruption and increasing efficiency leads to a reduction in personnel costs.

Design respecting ergonomics means

protecting operators’ health and wellbeing

preventing the onset of occupational diseases

facilitating all cleaning operations

saving effort and time

It’s a TTS product if it is ergonomic

The experience gained in over thirty years of activity allows us to create products and systems for professional cleaning, light and easy-to-use, designed following the principles of ergonomics. The challenge for the future will continue to intercept the ever-changing needs and environments of different sectors of use and develop professional solutions that can overcome them.