The best defence against cross-contamination


The bacterial load is a crucial issue in every context related to health like hospitals, clinics and surgeries.

The bacterial load is a crucial issue in every context related to health like hospitals, clinics and surgeries: in these delicate environments, the risk of cross-contamination must be faced with the combined action of effective cleaning techniques and advanced systems.

TTS has designed professional solutions that simplify and speed up cleaning procedure while ensuring the maximum hygiene.



TTS has developed an innovative soaking station to be used with cleaning trolleys that allows on-demand preparation of mops, offering the greatest flexibility: this system simplifies and speeds up the procedure for soaking individual mops while providing the highest control in preventing cross-contamination.

The cleaning solution is kept in a hermetic tank thatpreserves its active principles and it can be adjusted from 50 to 350 ml, guaranteeing the optimum saturation for each type of mop used and any surface area to be cleaned.

Dosely enables to obtain easily a high hygienic standard: the operator soaks the mop with the right quantity of cleaning solution and takes a new one for every area to clean, avoiding the dangerous spread of germs and bacteria.

The operator can rely on an effective ally against cross-contamination; easy to use and always ready to use.



The soaking station is applicable to all Magic trolleys and it is compatible with Trilogy, the innovative system for floor and surface cleaning that avoids any kind of contact between hands and dirt: indeed, it is equipped with a convenient release mechanism that allows operator to remove the used mop without being obliged to touch the dirty fibres.

The reversible frame ensures to double the cleaning compared to traditional systems thanks to the two cleaning sides that allow halving the quantity of mops needed.

It is designed to be used with Tri flat mops, special double-sided microfibres that clean surface twice if compared to one-sided mops, removing and collecting micro particles of dirt and more than 95% of bacteria.