Cleaning to keep the school safe


In the middle of a never-ending epidemiological emergency, hand hygiene and environmental sanitising become essential to reduce the risk of spreading the new Coronavirus.

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased and intensified room sanitisation and hand cleaning procedures, giving the equipment an even more important role in maintaining a high level of hygiene. Relying on professional products and systems that are up to the task is essential to ensure healthy premises and health.

TTS's solutions allow educational activities to be carried out safely, protecting the health of pupils, teachers, and staff: they ensure deep cleaning and effective sanitising of surfaces and floors, guarantee safe collection of potentially contaminated materials, and promote hand hygiene.



Panni usa e getta

Sanitising contact surfaces

Sanitising after each use counteracts the spread of the virus: everything that is touched or exposed to the dangerous droplets must be sanitised before anyone can touch them and run the risk of becoming infected.

TTS has developed 32x28 cm disposable TNT cloths to make surface disinfecting simple and immediate. This system guarantees an effective sanitisation, preventing that an improperly sanitised cloth between one surface and another becomes a means of spreading the virus.

The cloths are available on a 90-tear roll that is supplied dry, therefore not subject to expiry date and can be soaked in just a few moments with a cleaning or disinfectant solution. Preparation is carried out in the practical 4 L bucket with lid: the closable window facilitates the extraction of the individual tears, while the hermetic lid preserves the active ingredients.




uni system

Sanitising horizontal and vertical surfaces

Hands are the main vehicle of contamination, so it is essential to avoid direct contact with dirt. Uni System is the ideal ally in the fight against Covid-19: the frame designed by TTS is equipped with a touch-free release system that allows the removal of the used flat mop avoiding any contact with dirty fibres.

Not only maximum hygiene, TTS solution also saves time and effort: the frame remains partially open to ensure quick and effortless set-up, the mop with micro-flaps can be quickly attached and remains fixed during use and the patented joint allows easy cleaning of vertical surfaces

Uni System overcomes compatibility problems as it can be used with all washing systems: from pre-soaking with Hermetic buckets to soaking on-demand with Dosely and the whole range of TTS wringers.




uni junior

Semi-professional high performance cleaning

The experts' tools are finally at everyone's reach thanks to Uni Junior, the semi-professional system from TTS that makes cleaning easier and ensures maximum hygiene.

Uni Junior facilitates and speeds up horizontal and vertical surface cleaning while ensuring maximum control of cross-contamination as it allows the mop to be attached and detached without any hand contact.

The new TTS solution includes the technology of the professional Uni System, offering multiple advantages: no complicated proceduresno back and joint strain, and no contact with dirt.

Uni Junior is intended for use with Uni Bucket, the bucket with wringer that offers the advantages of professional wringing: maximum ergonomics and efficiency without sacrificing lightness and strength.



Nickita Magic
Multipurpose and washing trolleys

The choice of raw materials is an important factor that brings undoubted advantages in terms of hygiene: TTS plastic trolleys are made using high-density premium polypropylene to obtain smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect and resistant to all types of disinfectant, ensuring maximum hygiene and long life.

For school premises cleaning, TTS recommends Magic multi-purpose trolleys, which are available in a wide range of configurations to meet all specific needs. The exclusive line stands out for its functionalitymodularity, and capacity, and is characterised by an innate resistance that ensures maximum durability. Magic trolleys are equipped with panels to separate the units, avoiding contamination between the washing, storage, and waste collection areas.

TTS also offers a compact and versatile solution for floor cleaning: Nickita trolley is available with 15 and 25 L buckets, allowing a 50 L configuration for large spaces or a smaller 30 L configuration. The colour-coded buckets allow correct risk control, the ergonomic handle facilitates handling, and the stackable frame helps optimising storage space.





Hand sanitising

TTS hand hygiene solutions are a real weapon against the spread of the new Coronavirus: they offer direct access to disinfectants and disposable gloves, which are indispensable tools for preventing infection.

The Square stand combined with the convenient refillable dispenser with transparent deposit is available in versions with and without glove compartment. The automatic stand is characterised by the photocell dispenser that eliminates any contact during dispensing, while the pedal-operated stand has a special compartment designed to hold a 5 or 10 L tank, depending on the version, which can be locked for maximum security.

The Hygiene Point has an upper shelf for hand disinfectant, a central shelf adjustable to two heights to hold disposable gloves or pre-soaked cloths in the 4 L bucket with lid and a section for waste collection.





Safe collection of PPE

Masks and gloves should be disposed of after use in a separate container to minimise the risk of transmission of the new Coronavirus. However, not all containers are the same, so it is essential to rely only on those that guarantee safe and hygienic collection.

Derby and Elle bins from TTS are the ideal solution to safely dispose of all PPE waste: the pedal prevents hand contact with the surface while the lid keeps potentially contaminated materials closed. In addition, the smooth surfaces and absence of cavities facilitate cleaning and disinfection, ensuring a high standard of hygiene is maintained.