Space problems

The double trolley to manage efficiently problems of space

Nickita is a double trolley with wringer, designed to be compact and flexible; its well-finished, subtle and stylish design make it a perfect partner to clean environments as kitchens and industries, where mop rinsing is necessary.

During the product design, we have paid particular attention to the storage phase of the trolley, allowing it to be stacked with the wheels. This means a reduction of the environmental impact during transport and the possibility to store two overlapped trolleys in any closet.

The plastic frame is made from one single mould, a guarantee for a long lasting product and it is compatible with 15 and 25 L buckets, so the same frame can become a 50 or 30 L trolley according to your needs.

The advantages of Nickita

Compact and handy

Stackable to minimise storage space

Ergonomic handle and wringing

30 and 50 L customisable with the same frame

Available with basin to hold tools or hook for floor sign or duster

Colour coded buckets

Made with recycled plastic (PSV)

Compatible with all TTS wringers