Space problems

The hooking system to manage successfully space problems

Environments such as shopping centres, offices, hotels are characterized by the coexistence of large and empty spaces and space constrained and full of furniture.

The innovative hooking system designed from TTS allows having large trolleys in order to clean large areas and using an independent module in order to have everything you need at hand for a punctual cleaning of any room, shop or office.

Magic+ allows taking advantage of a large, organized and multipurpose trolley, whose modules can be joined and separated with a simple click, ensuring always the most complete freedom of movement.

Thanks to the independence of the modules you can avoid going back uselessly to the trolley, bringing with you only the module you need.

Magic+ means

Go easily inside small elevators and storage closets

Move in congested areas as shops, open space offices, hall, meeting rooms

Manage separately waste collection

Solve storing problems in small places