Safe restarting with TTS solutions

TTS's Stands and Hygiene Point are a real weapon against the spread of the new Coronavirus: they offer direct access to hand sanitisers and disposable gloves, indispensable tools to prevent contagion.

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Our solution for a truly effective sanitisation

Anti-Covid procedures are complex but there is a recurring practice for activities with a high customer turnover: sanitise after each use.

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Efficiency of TTS disposable cloths

Correct handling of cloths minimizes germs proliferation, as well as cross-contamination: it is essential to use a clean cloth for each area, soaking it with certified detergents or disinfectants shortly before actual use.

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A mixture of design and flexibility

TTS presents Nickita, the new double-bucket trolley making history, as the Nick trolley did in 1996, as it was the first plastic trolley with a patent on the frame made with from a single mould.

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Double result, half wringing

TTS has recently revolutionised floor and surface cleaning thanks to Trilogy System, the reversible frame that can be used on both sides with the wide range of double-sided microfibre mops.

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