Green and health-friendly cleanliness

The company has been committed since its foundation to the design and manufacture of products and systems for professional cleaning able to ensure high performance and high sustainability.

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Fast and easy floor cleaning

Jet is a handle with tank always ready-to-use making cleaning operations quick and easy, reducing the use of chemical in comparison with traditional systems.

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A drive towards reliability and efficiency

The lowest purchase price is often synonymous with a higher cost in use and at the same time with a higher environmental impact, for this reason the Ministry of the Environment has promulgated the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) guidelines.

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Green Path

Follow the Green path

Climate neutral by 2050: this is the ambitious goal, that Europe has set itself to tackle the climate change we are witnessing, which is now an urgent threat to the whole of humanity.

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carbon neutral

The first line of carbon neutral trolleys

Since its establishment, TTS has always considered the requests coming from the market, converting them into practical and efficient solutions for professional cleaning.

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Another step towards a cleaner future

The climate change we are witnessing is an urgent and potentially irreversible threat that requires, today more than ever, to be a priority.

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TTS awarded for green commitment

The Climate Agreement approved in Paris in 2015 formally established the need to combat global warming by implementing concrete actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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A mixture of design and flexibility

TTS presents Nickita, the new double-bucket trolley making history, as the Nick trolley did in 1996, as it was the first plastic trolley with a patent on the frame made with from a single mould.

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